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Looking for History? Here are links to websites for many of our past events.

2017 The CIO Adventure: Now, Next and… Beyond
2016 Thriving in the Digital Economy
2015 Inventing Your Future: Accelerating Success Through Technology
2014 Lead Your Digital Enterprise Forward: Are You Ready for the Next Digital Revolution?
2013 The Transformational CIO: Architecting the Enterprise of the Future
2012 Piloting the Untethered Enterprise
2011 Beyond the Crossroads – How will the CIO Role Evolve in the Digital Business World?
2010 Top Line Growth and Bottom Line Results: Driving Business Value Through CIO Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration
2009 Sustaining CIO Leadership in a Changing Economy
2008 Balancing Innovation and Cost Leadership in Your Firm
2007 Networks for Competitive Advantage: People, Partners and Processes
2006 Maximizing the Business Value of IT