Praveen Sharma

Symposium Roles
Speaker/Panel Team Member 2018

Ms. Praveen Kaushik Sharma is the Head and Director of Technology and Innovations for Emerging Platforms at Philips Healthcare. She is responsible for developing capabilities, policies, and procedures for managing security and privacy risks of the platforms, and getting these platforms ISO certified for cloud and on-premise deployments.

Prior to this position, Ms. Sharma was the Head and Director of IT Cyber Innovations group at Philips Healthcare. In this role, she headed a team responsible for developing in-house tools and concepts that helped Philips rapidly detect and respond to existing and emerging threats. She was also responsible for determining the risks of emerging technologies to Philips, developing long-term cybersecurity strategy along with her peers, and coordinating collaborations with the cybersecurity initiatives at MIT. Prior to Philips, Ms. Sharma was a member of technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. In this role, she directed the development of several cybersecurity initiatives in big-data and mobile technology space and participated in the assessments of the large-scale cyber-infrastructure for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. She has also worked at BBN Technologies where she lead and contributed to several cutting-edge DARPA projects. Ms. Sharma holds a BS in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Computer Science from University of Bombay, M Phil. in Life Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and MS in Computer Science from Iowa State University.