Talent Wars in the Digital Age

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm,
Kresge Little Theater

Kristine Dery, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (@kristinedery)

Julia Davis, Aflac (#JuliaDavis)
Amy deCastro, Schneider Electric (#AmydeCastro)
Jim O'Neill, HubSpot (@jajoneill)
Eric Sigurdson, Russell Reynolds Associates (#EricSigurdson)

Increasingly, organizations are engaging with talent in new ways. There is a growing reliance on: using freelancers to acquire skills for project teams; contracting to outsource work; buying companies for talent (i.e., “acqui-talent”); and crowdsourcing solutions. Companies are also placing their own people in hubs and co-working spaces (e.g., Fintech Incubators) to immerse them in innovative environments. These new approaches of acquiring and using talent require very different workplaces that respond faster and in more collaborative ways to build value. We’ll discuss how CIOs are winning the talent wars both within IT and their larger organizations.

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