Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm,
Kresge Auditorium

Paul Michelman, MIT Sloan Management Review (@pmichelman)

Anthony Christie, SF ‘98, Trace3 (@christieontech)
Cathy Horst Forsyth, Strongbow Consulting Group
Mike Macrie, Land O’Lakes, Inc. (@mwmacrie)
Irving Wladawsky-Berger, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (#IrvingWB)

In most organizations, strategy and execution are managed almost entirely separately. High-level strategy is set by a small group of executives; the implementation of that strategy is then delegated into the hands of a much larger and more heterogeneous group of functional managers and their far-flung teams. What happens? Those words that looked like a sure-fire recipe for success become mutated by the demands of day-to-day operations and the individual agendas of those who lead them. Digital technologies can exacerbate this problem as much as help address it. Is there a better way to develop strategy? Is there a more effective means of connecting strategic priorities to the realities of execution? The members of this panel say emphatically, “yes.”

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